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What style of music is Shortcut Sunny? 

Acoustic, soulful, chill favorites. With a universal sound that appeals to nearly everyone, we put our own spin on cover songs from all decades. We perform as a duo (guitar/vocals with a percussionist), or as a solo (guitar/vocals). 

Do you play private events, weddings, festivals, etc? How much advance notice is normally required

Yes, yes, and hell yes. Usually 90 days+ notice is best, but we rountinely make schedule adjustsments. Use our easy contact form and kindly provide your date and any pertinent details, and you'll be contacted in 1-2 days.

How far will they travel?

As full-time musicians, Shortcut Sunny will happily go wherever you'd like us to come play. We're currently based out of Maryland, but routinely travel out-of-state and are open for all travel to play at new venues and events.  

What happened to Nathan Adam Johnson?

As of April 1st 2015, Nathan no longer performs or records under his name. The new moniker, Shortcut Sunny, is a cover act only and better meets broader artistic and business goals. Over the past few years he’s worked steadily as a singer-songwriter, entertainer, and guitarist in his home state of Texas, and more recently in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. In that timespan, four independent CD’s were released which remain available via iTunes and CDbaby and various other streaming digital music sources. While appreciative of past accomplishments, he hopes old fans & friends will embrace the new name in the fun spirit it’s meant. 


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