What the World Needs Now -  Released 7/15/22

In spring of 2022 I teamed up with my piano-playing brother to record a fresh arrangement of that great 60's tune "What the World Needs Now". Affectionately called "Feel good music" by one reviewer,  it has a jazz/pop piano-based vibe. Interestlingly, I didn't play any guitar on it ... just sang and handled mixing duties. We did tracking in our respective home studios, then hired a bass player and drummer to liven it up. My talented sibling, Matt Johnson,  is also a professional musician based in South Florida. He's a private music teacher, composer, music director,  adept at various facets in the music world.  As my older brother by 5 years, he was naturally a big inspiration to me growing up, but we've rarely worked together. So this was kinda special for us. (My YouTube cover of "Short People" is a poke at him.)

The recording is available for streaming  or download on most listening formats. "Hey Alexa, play, "What The World Needs Now by Shortcut Sunny" . Click the cover image above for more specifics directly from Matt's site, or listen & see the official music video on YouTube!

Thanks so much for listening and for your support! 

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