"So, do you have any original music?"

Various comments typically heard at Shortcut Sunny shows: 

"Wow, that's the best cover of Wicked Game I've maybe ever heard!" 

"I did NOT expect you to play _______, never heard anyone cover that. Great job!"

"Yo Sunny, that set was dope broseph!" (Ok, no one's actually ever said this. I saw it in their eyes tho.)

This is all good and truly appreciated. It's the whole point of the Shortcut Sunny experience: To entertain, to perform stylized versions of cover songs. And be really, really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Occasionally I get this type of question: "So, do you have any original music?" Well, since you asked… Yes! I do also write & record original music, but under a different project name; King Size Dreams.

If you enjoy the funky blend of lite-pop/country/rock/jazzy covers at my shows or on my YT channel, chances are good you’ll like my original music too. 

I recorded & released a debut album, birthed during the downtime of Covid. It’s a 5-song EP which showcases my singer/ songwriter side, and lets a free-spirited, solo looper guy get to sound like the full band he dreams up in his head. I wrote all music & lyrics, played all the instruments, plus handled all song arrangements, producing, and final mixing. I also recall stopping to make a sandwich several times. I believe it was ham.

Please see the King Size Dreams website. Have a listen via your favorite streaming service; Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more. Or go old-school and purchase a genuine, physical CD for $10 through the King Size Dreams website or at live shows by request. I appreciate your support!

“Hey Alexa, play Laid Back Road by King Size Dreams”...   “Hey Siri, play Caramelized by King Size Dreams”...

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